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The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast, Episode 2: Three Crucial Questions To Ask Your DJ Before You Hire Them (Part 1 of 3)

January 15, 2020 DJ Jose' Nix Episode 2
The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast
The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast, Episode 2: Three Crucial Questions To Ask Your DJ Before You Hire Them (Part 1 of 3)
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This week's episode is part 1 of a 3 part series that dives into the Three Questions You Should Ask a Wedding DJ Before You Hire Them.  The discussion is based on an article written by Jose' Nix, which was published by Endless Pose Abilities Photo Booth, in order to help newly engaged couples get past the typical smokes screens that are thrown up by hobbyist djs and nonprofessionals.

The three questions posed in the article help the bride and groom be able to interview a potential DJ in such a way that causes stress and should evoke emotional reactions from the DJ.

On the panel, for this discussion, are DJ Phillip Pasek (Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment), Heather Buczek (Heather B. Studio), and hosted by Jose' Nix (Sound Waves Pro DJs).

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Welcome to the Tampa Bay wedding podcast. This podcast is hosted by Jose Knicks, D. J. M C. And owner of Sound Waves Pro DJs based out of Tampa Bay, Florida Listen in as Jose discusses wedding related topics with tips and suggestions from pros in the industry, Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast will feature a coffee style chat with wedding professionals and help future brides and grooms answer all the questions they have and many questions they never knew to ask. This weeks. Podcast features Bill pay sick with fast breaks, executive entertainment and Heather Being from Heather B. Studio. Listen in as we answer question number one in a three part series. Three crucial questions to ask a wedding deejay before you hire them. So

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today we're gonna talk about this. There's an article that I published a while back of the three questions. Three crucial questions to ask a wedding deejay before you hire them. And this was something. When I posted it, I posted it on a deejay group forum to see how they responded in. A lot of DJs hated it. Facebook form, right? A lot of d. J stated it, and I'm glad because I showed me that those DJs were bad DJs because they negative. So they said if if any bride ever asked me these questions, I'd kick that Bridezilla out of my office literally like me, like I would never I wouldn't put up with this. And to me, that shows. That's exactly what I was going for with these questions, because these questions aren't like, you know, you have a portfolio. Are you on a preferred vendors list? You know these those questions you see all the time If you go online, you look up questions after D. J. You get the same 10 15 questions asked you, You know, how long have you been in business? Do you have insurance? What kind of music do you play, right? They all have the same, you know? I mean, those are valid questions, but in my opinion you want to really know the person. So I kind of dive into it with just three hard hitting questions to ask your deejay. And then Heather and I were talking before we started recording and I realized I'm talking because Heather is a photographer. I'm like, Wow, these questions, I think, could actually apply anyone that you're interviewing to be in your wedding to provide a service or vendor just about.

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I think what's really crazy is you. When you were stating all that like, we don't get a lot of those questions asked to a photographer like, We don't truly get interviewed right, which I don't know if that's good or bad. Or

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in my opinion, I think that, you know, that's one of the things that causes so much bad reviews, sometimes with people, because they might look at a photographer's portfolio and think, Oh, that's gonna That same thing is gonna happen with me. But, uh, anything looks good on paper. Anything looks good, edited, right? But the thing that you have to deal with Day of is the personality, right? So that photographer, or that deejay or whoever you're dealing with, they might seem super nice. The price might be great. Everything looks wonderful on paper, but day up, they can't handle the stress and they flip out, and now you're dealing with someone else's stress. You should be taken stress away from you. So that's why I think it's really important to do these kind of psychological questions to ask your D J or I guess now, photographer, now that I'm thinking about it and and see how goes you don't see how they react.

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Did you get these questions? Are be harmony. Thank

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you. Kind of sound like it a little bit right once you get into it. So I think we're gonna probably break this up, maybe into three different podcasts, because it's three different questions and, you know, kind of deep kind of question. So I'm just gonna read kind of the intro to this article, and then we'll read the question in the way we broke down. The question is a question Why? It works. Example of a good response in, um, kind of go from that. And then I want to get your guys feedback and see what you think about it, okay?

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Talking about e harmony, though. You know what? Maybe there should be an f for wedding vendors and you swipe right, Right.

spk_1:   4:01
Like a match dot com

spk_2:   4:03
Vendors like no go on. Shark tank way. Yes. Yeah, Swipe right. I think when you like,

spk_1:   4:14
goes to show you I don't ever use a dating

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app. April's married happily married baby like he's hugging your picture right now, has it right next to his heart.

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So, um, what I started off with is okay. Top three questions asked a wedding deejay If you're currently in the process planning a wedding. Obviously, all of us like to congratulate you. Write some people listening. They're just newly engaged. So that's super exciting. Super happy about that. It can be very overwhelming. I think everyone here can agree to that. Planning a wedding? A super overwhelming. It's a lot especially, you might think it's not until you start doing it and then you realize, holy crap. There's a lot of stuff that I have to do that it relies. I had to be responsible for, um, dates, venues, right? Whatever. Just things that go on the table

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play off of that. I think a lot has to do with your family and friends. Really play stressful role, right? Unfortunately, read. That's on topic for a whole nother pocket is I'm sorry,

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bringing No, that's good because you know the response right responsibilities of people that are in the bridal party. That's a whole nother thing. We could talk about one day because they have responsibilities and a lot of time. They just take the title on run, you know, So that's a whole nother thing to talk about, right? So we don't want to add to the stress we want to take away from the stress. That's the point of this article on the point of this podcast to help take stress away, to help you be more educated as a bridegroom, going into this process of finding vendors and making sure that the right fit, you know, and a lot of this. Like I said, it's kind of like the psychology based questions. So if you're able to I say this all time, Meet your deejay. We're specifically talking about DJs now. It can apply to other things, but for sure, meet your D J. A lot of DJs won't meet you in person. They want to do everything over the phone or online. That's a red flag.

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That's scary.

spk_1:   6:14
Right away. Big time right away. That's red flag. Um, when you're going through these different, I don't want to call out any of these, you know, websites. But there's websites that will find you a D. J. Um, that's scary, you know, meet your deejay face to face. And here's why. Because you can see how they react to you and see if you guys have good chemistry, right? And these three questions are a good way to bring out the chemistry. So the first question is, what three things can you provide, unlike your competitors, which will make my wedding memorable. So the reason I wrote that was the question puts pressure on the deejay. Now Bill is a deejay or a 1,000,000,000 years,

spk_2:   6:59
Thanks. Doesn't look great. Hair approved feels like,

spk_1:   7:06
you know, you don't look a day

spk_2:   7:07
over 900 things, but I took care of his gray hairs less sure hates me right now a

spk_1:   7:16
little bit, I think he does as a deejay. Does that put pressure on you to hear that?

spk_2:   7:23
No, absolutely not. When I have a question like that, unless we know that someone has talked to other in team entertainers, DJs that, uh, cannot really bring something different to their wedding and for me when that's proposed and they're giving me that option like, what are the three things that you could do? Well, I'm a deejay in C, so a lot of people just think they're coming to get. It's a music played for them. You know, there is a full line of things that have to be done in order in line, so the emceeing portion is very important, right? Which complements pretty much what every wedding planner is gonna do anyway. You just follow the schedule, but you make it your own. You make it more fun s Oh, that's a very important thing. One thing we do is we provide lighting in every package that we do because lightings going to help with setting the atmosphere. No one likes dancing on the dance floor if it's bright and there's no lighting to make it fun like effect lighting and sliding. So it's very important that we also talk about, you know, that's a big difference. You know, we're going to control the lighting, make it really fun for a dance atmosphere. Might not make the photographer sometimes happy. Got those lasers. Lasers affect us big time. Other certain times two. Is your been in it longer. You knows professionals. We don't run our dance lights or totally like that until, like all the major formalities are done and the 3rd 1 that I would say that would set us apart differently is Make sure you're doing your research about your vendors by seeing what other people are saying about the experiences which they've had. So that would be looking online, doing your own home because a lot of times within the friend, your community, your like, just use this person, use this person. Maybe they're getting a kickback. Maybe they're doing something where you know they're helping somebody out. He definitely wanted to your research because that entertainer that t. J might not be what you're expecting. And that's exactly what you're talking about. Like Come day of you, find out that's not the person of which you were pitched.

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Yeah, exactly. I mean and And that's why the these questions are so important to ask this question specifically is very important to ask, because it really shows you how quickly how, how well the deejay works on the pressure. And also, if they actually have any experience, because if they have experienced, they can rattle off all the reasons right. That's one of things that I actually say in the article is that a good deejay will actually have a hard time and limiting it to three things. So, you know, because there's lists of things that could go a man. I worked really well with the coordinators. I work with photographers. You know, I actually create a timeline that I walk you through ahead of time. You know, I like to get to know your you know, I love one of the things that Bill does. Phil Phil goes during the cocktail hour, apparently, and he just spies on people

spk_2:   10:05
pretty much a system that's running itself. So during cocktail hour, I'll float around and I'm studying the group, and that's helping me build my show because you can prepare for an event putting music together and play list. But until you're in that moment, you never really know. So cocktail hour shows you like Who's your party starters? Who is the table of like, you know, they're gonna be on the dance floor like instantly. If you call them out, I'll go so far as to float around and find their names. That and then I will call them out and then they're like a celebrity. And that kind of the deejay, my name hilarious,

spk_1:   10:38
yeah, so So again, just like going back to this particular question. When you ask this question and you just straightforward come right at the deejay with it, I end. I end. This part of the article with the first question applies pressure quickly and allows you to see how the deejay reacts to stress. If they break a sweat and start raising their voice, that you you might not want a hothead like that running the most important day of your event are the most important day of your life. But think about that. You know, if I if I asked someone a question that's gonna be handling something very important and they flip out, I don't want them in charge of anything, you know, important, like that's no way that just me personally,

spk_2:   11:16
they don't know how to handle pressure right if they're going to go that route. And plus, it seems to be in just this line of work to faras deejaying. Entertaining is you have a lot of people with big egos like I'm the best ever, and it's, you know, a little bit of modesty goes a far away, and when you're shopping DJs, if you can sense that you always take the modesty J because that's what really you speak about,

spk_1:   11:42
right? Exactly. Exactly. And actually, I'm glad you said that is that kind of leads into the next question that way. Wanted to talk about

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Listen in next week to the Tampa Bay wedding podcast for question number two of the three crucial questions you should ask a wedding deejay before you hire them. Thanks for listening to the Tampa Bay wedding podcast. I hope you really enjoy the information that we provided. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. You can send us an email to info at Sound Waves pro DJ's dot com. That's info at S O U N D W a v E s p R o D J s dot com