The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast

The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast, Episode 1: Formal Intros

January 09, 2020 DJ Jose' Nix Season 1 Episode 1
The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast
The Tampa Bay Wedding Podcast, Episode 1: Formal Intros
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This episode dives into the importance of good communication and the need for professionals working together to set the tone for your reception.  There are some funny stories and nightmare scenarios that actually happened and are retold by some of our panel professionals.

You'll hear about what happens when the vendors don't communicate properly, why weddings without coordinators can be overwhelming and chaos, and you'll even hear about weddings with Star Wars and Dr. Who Themes!

This episode features Jose' Nix from Sound Waves Pro DJs, Phil Pasek from Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment, Heather Buczek from Heather B. Photography, and Paulina Nicka from Majesty Marketing & Events!

Stay tuned each week for a new podcast!

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Intro Bumper:   0:00
Welcome to the Tampa Bay wedding podcast. This podcast is hosted by Jose Nix, D. J. M C. And owner of Sound Waves Pro D Days, based out of Tampa Bay, Florida Listen in as Jose discusses wedding related topics with tips and suggestions from pros in the industry, the Tampa Bay wedding podcast will feature a coffee style chat with wedding professionals and help future brides and grooms answer all the questions they have and many questions they never knew to ask.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   0:27
So let's we're gonna do some introductions. Our first ever Podcast Episode one. Let's Let's have some introductions. Phil will be first.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   0:36
Hey, guys, I'm Phil Fastbreaks. Executive entertainment. Been in business since 1996 pretty much ever since I could drive personally done over 1800 weddings, almost nearly 5000 events since I started the company. So have a lot of experience with weddings. Seems to be a majority of my business.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   0:54
Okay, great. And now Heather.

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   0:57
Okay. I am Heather with Heather. Be studio and I have been around since 2011 and I've been actually doing weddings for over 20 years. Great. So we do weddings. We do weddings, photo and video, and, um, we make people look good.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   1:20
Yeah. Now, Paulina.  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   1:26
Hey. I'm your girl, Paulina with The Majesty event professionals. And I've been in the Tampa Bay market since 2016. And, um, I love weddings. I cried every single ceremony I get really deep. I feel the emotions of the bride and groom throughout the whole thing. So it's really easy for me to know exactly what they're needing. They just kind of give me a look, and I know what they need.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   1:48
Awesome. All right. Very good. And I'm Jose next with sound waves, pro DJs. I have also been in a wedding DJ since 1996... 20 something years. My career is old enough to drink! And I've done a ton weddings, just like Phil. And, um, you know, I have a lot of just I think we have a lot of funny stories. This little group here, I think, has a lot of great stories today. We're gonna talk about formal intros and how important those are at a wedding. And because it's really, I don't think people realize how important it is. Um, it's to me. It's super important, and there's a lot of moving pieces. And so we have two DJs here. We have a photographer and we have a planner, right? And we can all kind of give our input on that.

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   2:41
So the one thing I find when we always do introductions in the planning stage is when the bride and groom bring all their music in on our planning sheets. The two songs they always have left out of the very top, and it's the introduction of the bridal party and the introduction of the bridal couple. They have all the other music figured out, but those are the only two songs, and you have to pretty much educate them. Why it's so important there. Like I never thought of it. It's like the light came on in their head of like, That's amazing. I see it at other Weddings and they just never put two and two together, So in the early stages, you can educate them why it's so important..

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   3:17

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   3:17 Pick out songs.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   3:18
So it's interesting that you say that from the deejay point of view we do...we think about the music ,right away, so that your right to me it's really important that I think It has to be high energy. I like high energy. Some people have picked really low energy songs, and I've tried to steer them away from that because it sets the tone right? Would would you agree?

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   3:39
Absolutely. Don't kill the vibe, you know, i'ts Just starting. This is the time, really amp it up

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   3:46

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   3:46
Get a good visual. I love when couples Come out dancing  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   3:50
right.  It makes it. Makes everyone feel like OK, now it's time to party. Now it's time to relax. 'Cause everything else before that usually kind of formal right  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   3:57
Cocktail Hour?  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   3:57
Yeah, Cocktail Hour Is still kind of everyone's mingling a little bit, but it's still not relaxed time yet relaxed time is the formal intros, really Do it. The grand entrance...

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   4:07
Although cocktail drinking actual.. alcohol. How formal is that? That's when you're loosening up right?  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   4:11
Well, t hat's the set up. Getting prepared Exactly.It's the set up  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   4:16
The pregame to the...  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   4:17
So so from the deejay point of view of music is really important to pick from photographers. Point of view. Why? Why would you say it's important to have the formal introductions planned properly?  

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   4:29
Well, one, it starts the fun of the party, obviously. So when people come in, they are some are crazy summer not. But I mean, as long as we're set up for lighting set up and they come in with a full fun, action - packed entertainment when they come in, I guess is when we get the best images crazy images.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   4:56
Do You know what I love to see too, from like, because I always see this with photographers. I think they have more shots. If the groups come in like the pairs come into their own song, so like, then they can showcase their personality. And then the pictures basically speak exactly what these people's personalities are.

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   5:13
The tough part, too, is we have. Obviously, there's people who are shy, so they don't really know or create something, maybe in something that's done prior to with the D J. Or even the photographer or the planner that they talk about. You know? Hey, make sure your bridal party picks something, or does something, you know, creative in the intros, because I think that is a last minute. Oh, maybe I'll just stop and Drink a   like, you know, like I have no formal thought of it. You know what it is? It's kind of cute

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   5:50
well, I say it all the time. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   5:53

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   5:54

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   5:55
Before, Jose, you were talking about lining them up prior, right? And kind of give them that speech, like, Okay, this is what's going down. This is your moment to shine. The person you're next to is your dance partner in Essentially, you gotta, like, bring it up, right? Everyone's waiting for you.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   6:10
Right.  And there's there's so much that is involved in just that. That little brief moment. Um, I think that good DJ's will come in and organize that very well with the planner and the photographer. This is one of the things I really wanted to talk about. If we're not all on the same page, things could get missed, right? If if the planner doesn't coordinate with the deejay and the photographer, man, the whole shot could be lost. Everything. And then you can't get that moment back. And I'm gonna We're gonna talk about one wedding that I did. And I know Phil's got an example too

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   0:00
Oh I got stories  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   6:41
I did. I did. Okay. Good. I think we all have one! I did a wedding one time, and it was supposed to be like the couple was from New Orleans and they wanted to have this real big introduction. That was like a New Orleans style parade. And they had the umbrellas and they had the band that was playing the music right with the tubas and the trumpets. It was really cool, and no one knew where the photographer was.. and and we did that way did the grand entrance without the photographer and no one really coordinated it. And this was a long time ago when I first started, so it was really embarrassing for me as a deejay, right? But they would come to find out later that it was really also the photographer. He didn't check in with anyone. He was upset that he had to pay for parking or something. There's something crazy, but nothing matched up to make that moment come out the right way. And then the photographer tried to come back and say, Well, let me just recreate the moment and you can't. You can't recreate. You can't. You can't re-...You can't recreate that feeling that excitement, especially like a do over you can't do over

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   7:47
No, this isn't a play. This is a one time kind of thing,  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   7:49

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   7:50
And from my standpoint, I like to plan every single detail of it in my timeline and I give one to each vendor's the world slowly on the same page,  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   7:57

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   7:58
For me, it's all about the location because many venues there different ways you can come in. So I like to coordinate. I always feel like correct me if I'm wrong. I feel like the wedding planners like the head of the snake. There's a leader of everything. But our job is not to be Bossy is really just to make sure everyone, each of you has the best way to get this through. So I think getting the right location, making sure that it's great for pictures every time I work with Heather,  she's always like Where's the sun gonna be about time we're gonna be in their eyes. Uh, are they gonna have crops or the sparklers? Are they gonna bubbles? Are they gonna dance

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   8:32
Anything that can mess with her Lighting right,

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   8:33
everything way. Have to make sure everything where they're coming in, how they're coming in,

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   8:41
where they're standing there, going right to first and like everything has to be in order.

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   8:46
Are people going to be in the way?

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   8:47
I like something. My recent one, like the parents were getting in the way. Like they didn't want him to be too crazy cause they were very like conservative people. And yeah, that was causing, like, the mom, you know, a lot of like, No, honey, don't do this. Don't do it that way. Must be proper. And she just want to dance like crazy with her husband, you know? And like, it was just killing the vibe. There's so many things I could kill A vibe at a wedding. Oh, my goodness.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   9:13
It definitely is a trend, though, because what I've noticed in the past few weddings is there just introducing the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Yeah, they're not even doing. The parents were recognizing them from the table. It's like and this day couldn't be possible without mother of the bride and father of the green. Yes, it's hilarious because they're just like, No, you guys sit down and relax from just the bridal party.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   9:34
Yeah, I've even seen I see them a lot of times in our you know, we'll get the timeline put together, and they'll have everyone on the timeline. You know, the parents and the ring bearer and flower girl ushers right. They'll have every and then when it's time when it's crunch, time to actually do the intros they can't find, so they just they just get bumped off. I think a lot of times that's what happened is like, You know what, mom? And I hear you're bumped off the list. You know? Flower girls bumped off the list. She's crying in the corner because tired, right? Yeah, she's four. And she was forced to walk down the isle of flowers and told you did it wrong. Crazy stuff like that. But what's Ah, what? I told you a nightmare scenario that happened with me. What? What's one for you, Phil? I know we were talking earlier.

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   10:22
So, uh, play into that one. It's intros are always fun. Um, when I started out and I did my third wedding, I think was around early part of 1997. There was a photographer that I still know to this day. Facebook? Um, he for some reason, I was super excited. The planner was ready, and we did introductions without photographer in the room because he was I don't know if he was between or took his time to get there, but when he got there and we were halfway through introductions. He laid into me right before the first dance, and I had to sit there and take it and then have the rest of my show and he cooled off. It was cool. But then we just found out that, like we were ready to start and he wasn't in the room and he missed those shots and it's Consul emerged kind. What happened with your photographer? But it was just a poor planning on my part. I accepted the responsibility. The planner, same thing. It was someone very green and new they just didn't follow protocol. And the photographer was a single shooter. So there was no second shooter because normally what I see is a second shooter will arrive a little ahead of schedule and get details shots in room shots. So my third wedding in, I I didn't know any better. It was one of those things that only a trained professional kind of picks up on. And I was so focused on nailing the introductions, we just got right into it, and I

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   11:49
just I mean, I'm sure you guys know Well, maybe you don't like the order of which photographer. You know what we're doing prior to the introductions in obviously every wedding to be a little bit different, but normally we're getting the formal family and then the formal afterwards. And sometimes they run a little late because of whatever. And then at that point, we have been going for four hours straight. So, you know, bathroom break and then set up lighting for me. Anyway, there's a lot of photographers that just use flashtime cameras, but um

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   12:30
They suck

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   12:30
But I have  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   12:33
I can say it

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   12:33
I set up 3 to 4 lights. It takes a few minutes to get that right.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   12:41
You need prep time right?

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   12:41
now. And I have and I have a small story from last year. It was in cl space I had. I introduced myself to the deejay, which I always do and all was good, and my bridal party was in the back way. We actually had the time. There were, were supposed to start, and I didn't know, but the bride wanted to start early, so we're trying to set up. We're trying to prepare in lighting and everything else. I had a second shooter, but we were just and I even had a video, a video guy there, and it literally like on, and they introduced the two first kids... They were kids and they get and I literally like Like I pray that like my lighting was right. And it wasn't like I missed the first. And then I finally, got the rest of the party. But way had because I didn't want to miss it because the kids were I believe they were the daughter of the bride or whatever. You want to actually have the kids do it again. So we got it on video and got, you know, the photo. I was so frustrated with that deejay, right? Like, why would you? Especially if you're a seasoned Deejay I'm not Sure if he was. Look around. Make sure we are ready give us a thumbs up, because you know, in the industry we all have to sync together...or it know ravels out of control

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   14:14
So the pattern and correct me if I'm wrong, Paulina, because I think you would have more input as the coordinator, right? The head of the snake. It requires good communication, right?  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   14:25

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   14:25
And the only way you get that is with people that have been doing it a while. So that's a big deal, you know, like some. Sometimes when people come to us and talk to us about the options, they're looking at it for photographers, for DJs, for caterers. Whatever. You know, sometimes they're looking at budget, which I understand. But a lot of times low budget providers are that that way for a reason, because they're green. And then, you know, it's just like gambling, right? You might get a great deejay for a low price and are a great photographer, low price. But that's a big gamble, especially if they don't communicate, don't coordinate. And then you know you can't get that moment back, right? And that's the thing that you know, the two things that we were just talking about, that Phil and I were just talking about the same thing basically happened with us and because we were green and we had to learn from that mistake. But you can't get that moment back, you know, um, fortunately were able to pull out the wedding at the end. I was pretty sure Phil was able to  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   15:25

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   15:26
but still, it bothers you  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   15:28
just to add to it. The the first wedding I did the 1st 2 weddings I did. It was in one location. So the ceremony was literally right outside the one where this instance happened. It was at an off location. So when cocktail hour finished, everyone was in the room. And, you know, my mind is like, Okay, let's move, Let's move to the next thing we're ready And that was that. So he just a little bit of a learning curve and they're still to this day. I have nightmares about it waking up in the middle of night. Cold sweats,  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   15:55
right. It's So, I mean, it's it's so important to communicate right so important that you're so when you're interviewing, you know, photographer, deejay, coordinator, those those three have to be working together really well for the formal introduction in the formal introductions. Like we said, it sets the tone. So if that doesn't go off well, it can really kind of it can mess things up. That's where you can get Bridezillas. You get, you know, upset parents because they spend all this money. You know you have this big event, and then it's could be ruined because people just didn't simply communicate. So, you know my my advice that I would say, and that's what this particular podcast forced to give advice to brides and grooms out there when you're interviewing your deejay, interviewing your caterer. When you're interviewing your coordinator and your photographer when you're interviewing these people, make sure they're good communicators. You know, in a good way to test that sent me emails, text messages. See how they respond, right? There's good ways. Make sure that they really understand how important it is to coordinate and always looking to reviews, right? I mean, what other advice could you

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   17:03
like what You're saying, Mother communication if if, like, I call somebody the same day or the next morning like if I wouldn't hear some from somebody by the next morning, I'm moving on. And unfortunately, in Florida, Uh, so it's like Vacation city, everyone hanging out. And I've had many bright saying, Wow, you're responsible fast. I've called thousands of event planners, nobody calling back, and it's really hard, but I think I personally feel all falls on the responsibility of that introduction. Going smoothly. I have vendor meeting with every single vendor in a circle, and I'm like, All right, everybody, add your piece in. Now let's really talk about this diving deep. I actually don't have a horror story of an intro. Hopefully, it'll never happen..

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   17:49

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   17:50
and yeah, I feel very responsible for those things and for, you know, myself an assistant. We stand with each couple. We wait and tell them exactly when to go. I'm looking at the deejay over there. He's giving me the wink so that I know here..

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   18:03
that's so important.  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   18:04

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   18:04
it's so important. I think that's I'm so glad you said that because I've done so many weddings where they didn't want to have a coordinator, right? And they said, You know and you know Hazel is going to do it are you know, whoever you know or while we don't need a coordinator and then literally, it's chaos, every wedding, every wedding that has no coordinator is chaos, you know, no matter how good the deejay, I'm a great T J, I think, and fills a great deejay it. We can only do so much If you don't have a good coordinator. It really. Then it falls on the DJ and the DJ can't be in three places at once.

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   18:37
Cue Music, send people.. and right away. It gets it stuff

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   18:40
and you can't. You can't communicate that how important it is to someone that's not in the industry, right? So, like, you know, and Hazel doesn't understand how important it is that she needs to line everyone up. and Have everyone lined up with you and Cue them when to come in or even simple things like that. One thing that gets me is people that don't realize you need someone to open the door a lot of times, right, because the bridegroom, the last ones to come in and there's no one there

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   19:06
They have to open their own door? I mean, that would I would fall on the floor if I saw that  

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   19:12
and to add to that too is a lot of times they don't know if the bridal party's gonna line up once they come in or go sit down or, um, should you know, should they dance with the bridal party? So there's, I mean with the bride and groom. So there's so many different aspects to the introductions, not just them getting introduced... And  then where to stand because you're gonna block the photographer or block the people who are watching right introduction.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   19:41
So I don't know about you, Phil, but I know I know when I get the brides and grooms and the couple's all lined up, that's one thing I definitely go over with. The photographer, I said, Do you know where they're going and the doctor says no. Then we find out with the coordinator where they're going to go. Where do you want them at? A lot of times they will fan out right in front of the head table. Or a lot of times they like to cover the deejay booth because the deejay booth just wants to be covered, I guess. I don't know. I'm Beautiful...don't hide me!,

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   0:00
But not all deejay booths are pretty so  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   20:10
right? Right. Yeah, that's true. That's true, right? Right.  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   20:16
We Go straight to the dance floor, usually, right to the dance floor, and then they, like, line up in a circle. And then then couple goes in the middle of them and goes straight to dancing  

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   20:25
I love when they line up because there are many venues That may have, like bathroom doors there without, ever. And it's not that attractive so. It's nice to have the bridal party just looking at the couple while they dance  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   20:37
right. It's a nice backdrop, you know. It's a nice backdrop to have the bridal party. I mean, they all looks good too, you know, they're in there pretty dresses in there. It's nice stuff to capture. 

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   20:48
Yeah, you're right. I personally love it when when they line up, sometimes you get people. They just want to have him go sit down. It's a little awkward, but...

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   20:56
I just think if you're agreeing to be in somebody's wedding. You don't really get a say to say it, but, like friendships are breaking all around the world around bridesmaids right now because she doesn't wanna wanna wear silver Shoot just agree to everything!

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   21:09
and that's what you know what? That's another podcast way. We'll dive into that responsibilities of people in the bridal party because that's a big one, I think, And people don't talk about it, but yes,

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   21:27
no, I think that's

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   21:30
to our podcast right here. So, um, I think I mean, we're going to try to keep these relatively short and easily digestible, Um,

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   21:41
something I like when people do to their introductions, add a little something different. Like, for example, when I lived in Connecticut, I dealt a lot with the Polish, Polish culture, and they whenever the couple would come in, all the bride and groom's would line up like across from each other, and they would block them so they would make him kiss. And then they would raise that  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   22:01
Awe that's cool,  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   22:02
like they did that for all of them. Another one I remember a couple walked in and they their parents were already sitting, and Mom and Dad were on each side, so they went like did a little spin with each one. And then they went on and then they dipped them. Um, I like a lot of movement and action. I know it looks great on video and pictures like movement. Is everything right? Yeah, yeah,

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   22:22
I know it creates excitement, right? And that's what I mean again, this goes back to setting the tone after ceremony. After cocktail hour, everybody is ready to party, right? Well, everybody's ready to eat, but everybody's ready to party after they eat So let's set the tone right? A lot of excitement, a lot of fun, a lot of energy. It's a big, big deal, you know. And whenever the deejay and the coordinator and the photographer really get together and pull it off, it is so epic and it's captured and it's awesome. And then the rest of the rest of the evening is usually pretty easy, right? Everyone's everyone's hyped, and pumped and ready to go, you know,

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   22:55
It's the most memorable moment, I think, of your of your reception and you know how they say, like where when you say words out into the universe like everything comes true, like the first time you're announced for the first time, husband or wife, we're putting it out there. And oh, you know, recently I had one where we had the whole bridal party come out of one side. And then the bride and groom surprised everyone. It showed up from another side of the venue

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   23:16
Boom! Random.  I like it!

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   23:16
I'd personally like to pop out of the floor or something..the ceiling, that would be killer.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   23:24
Yeah, man. Oh, man. Like with that Circus Soleil style.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   23:28
Oh, yeah.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   23:28
Coming down from a ribbon or something, That'd be awesome

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   23:32
Heavily fire playing.  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   23:33
I think We should start that, like, upped the ante on the intros. A little more, right. Let's see what we could do.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   23:38
Let's do it

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   23:39
Fireworks. Sparklers..

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   23:40
Stilt walkers.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   23:42
I had one on May 4th and it was Star Wars fans. May the fourth be with you on soon as they came in, they grab props from the photo and just raided that poor photo girl's stuff. And it was all star Wars themed, and it was so memorable because they were coming in. And it was the imperial march that came into and they just nailed it in. The pictures were [inaudible]

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   24:07
That's so funny. That reminds I did a wedding one time where they were big. Dr Who fans on If you guys ever watched Doctor who? I'm a big Dr Who fan too. It's a real nerdy show. Um, I love that show. It has a really super specific theme song that anyone that watches the show knows that. And The.uh, there's a There's a the bride is. Actually I think it was even the bride. She wore a dress that was in the shape of a phone booth, which is what he travels in time and stuff that the doctor travels in, travels through space and time in this blue phone booth. She her dress was made to look kind of like that. It was really Yeah. But that wedding actually is very like one of the most fun intros ever done in my life

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   24:48
It sticks out of your mind doesn't it.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   24:49
Yeah, and everyone there, whether they were doctor who fans were not really appreciate it and enjoy the showmanship of it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It was good. It was really good  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   24:59
I had a wedding once with two intros, and it was the most. I mean, I can't make this stuff up. Okay, so I met this couple at a tasting and we just hit it off, and then they were like what's really like Paulina, she goes "Oh my God! What? This is a sign!" And I was like, OK, but she didn't explain and I was really busy. So okay, were at the wedding we do the regular intro. Superfun Awesome. An hour later, there's an intra just for her. And she had a brown wig with a blue dress and she came in as Paulina!  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   25:31

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   25:31
her alter ego and everybody knows about it. Her alter ego's like famous, and she came on a whole new thing and I had no idea about it. And I was like, shocked and kind of like 'this to do with me here?'.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   25:44
Great. That's pretty funny  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   25:46
It's like a little voodoo doll, huh?  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   25:49
But people do, Really. I like that wedding right now are, like, kind of everyone's doing their own custom thing over what They want, so intros are getting so interesting,

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   25:57
right? Right. I'd be happy to see where it's gonna go, like I definitely enjoy how much they're changing it up for the intros. You're right. There's a lot of fun stuff, and especially what we'll talk about when they do that. I love it when you do the mix of different songs, you know, even if I am in the another. Funding is the choreographed stuff, right When they do a choreographed intro,  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   26:17
Some people put a lot of time into those.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   26:18
Yeah, man, I did. I did one wedding years ago for this guy. He was a He was a manager general manager of a Chick fil A or something like that. And they did like it was a crazy eight like, eight minute intro. And it was like I had to mix the music ahead of time so they could choreograph it. And then at the end, the chick fil a cow comes out dances right? And everyone fell out because, like like, no they weren't expecting it. And it was one of the best things ever. So it's really funny

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   26:46
Did they eat Chick Fil A that night?.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   26:48
I don't know. They might have.  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   26:51
I've done a wedding with Chick Fil A, it's pretty awesome! think it's pretty awesome.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   26:54
That's pretty good, chick fil a suace, love it...  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   26:55
For your wedding.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   26:56
All right.   Free plug there, huh?  

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   26:57
We are at 10 14 U. S. Highway. Great.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   27:05
So I think that's pretty good. As far as anybody have any more advice would like to give to a bridegroom regarding, like, the introductions is something maybe we might have skipped or missed?

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   27:16
Just express yourself. This is like your data create coordinate like any way you want it, there is no specific way you have to do it. There's no traditional way like I had a mariachi band bring a couple out that was really awesome like also, just if it's your favorite show. If it's Star Wars, just have your coordinator creat it, and then we're gonna make it Amazing

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   27:50
I think as wedding vendors we sometimes fall short to our specific job, whatever. So, like, we don't say, Hey, make sure you tell your  d J to do this or whatever communicate with him. Um, and that's something that you know, knowing that we did this podcast together, that's a thought that I'll always have in my head to be able to prepare my, you know, and not just have it fall on you guys, even though it is, you know, I think we should all just be able to.. [inaudible]...communicate it, I guess..

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   28:17
I agree. And I say one of the things that I talk about when I talked to Brides and Grooms, I actually like to mention that no matter what wedding I do, if there's a coordinator, I make sure to to speak to the coordinator throughout the evening. I make sure there's photographer videographer speak to them throughout the evening. If there's, you know, anybody that needs to help coordinating ,caterer or any of that. We all. I want to make sure that I communicate with him throughout the night, and I usually, like, tell a bride and groom you shouldn't worry about anything once, once the ball starts rolling, you really supposed to just have fun. We're all supposed to coordinate together and that, you know, I think a lot of entertainers. I think there's a lot of coordinators, and there's a lot of photography that there's a lot of people in the industry that don't have that conversation with the bridegroom up front. And I think if they have that conversation upfront with their bride and groom and the bride and groom bring it up, then there's, um or like it's more likely that it's gonna go off without a hitch, that they talk about it early on. And, like you said, communicated clear, clear, open, concise communication is so important, especially from the bride and groom. They have to say what they want. We can't read mind too, right? something. One thing might be more important in the other, from one bride to the next one group to the next, so

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   29:32
they have to communicate. No idea what they want. So it's like, really, I feel like it's my job to, I feel like look at these options, explore them. And then I like to get the vendor on the phone and, you know, just keep it going. But I think in an ideal world you would start with getting a planner and coordinator first and ask her or him for the dream team of vendors. Who are your vendors that you've had the most success with? That's who I want to work with, right?  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   29:57
I can't. I can't agree more. I tell people I tell I tell couples all the time that they should have a coordinator that if they don't have one mission and then just, you know, not to give you a gratuitous plug because you're coordinator, but in general, most and correct me if I'm wrong most coordinators, because of the relationships that they've developed with industry professionals can actually save the bridegroom money, right? They can save money on and then that caught the basically, that offsets the cost of having a coordinator, right? So your your budgets probably not gonna change at all to throw in a coordinator. If anything, your budget might go a might have a little bit more money to play with, or you might hit the same numbers and then not have to worry about anything because you have the coordinator. Why not just invest in the coordinator

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   30:45
But even that you'll have the ease of knowing that it's being taken care of? So it's

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   30:49
What is your time worth, right?

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   30:51
I mean people have DIY Weddings, and that's fine, people have budget weddings?  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   30:58
Paulina's face, I wish we could Show her face. She's so sad!  

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   31:01
They have their family, like going flowers on the table ever. It's just crazy, you know, it's if they have a planner, they take care of that stuff  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   31:15
people don't realize. And that's why I wanted to focus on interest, because just just the intros alone think about how many moving pieces are there just for the intro loans to coordinate?. So then think about the whole event. How outside of that there's a lot of moving pieces. There's a lot of things that have to come together on time correctly to make it go smoothly and well so that people have fun so people aren't miserable, right, because who hasn't seen that before? Where people take too long, they don't have a coordinator because they're not organized and they take way too long, Taking the photos or taking the ceremony takes way too long because people get there late. Whatever it is. And then you got People have been sitting there for 3/4 hours. And have you gotten any food yet? You know, that's a whole nother. Alright, guys, we're gonna wrap this one up. I think we've man. We've already hit about 30 minutes of information. And, man, I love this. I love our 1st 1st podcast.

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   32:13
Great. And thank you, Heather, for hosting it in your office space. Ridiculously cozy. I wanna have you redesign my office.  

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   32:20
I know, man.  

Heather Buczek (Photographer):   32:20
I can do it.

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   32:21
I hate my office every time I leave your office. Alright, guys. So that's it. Gonna say goodbyes?

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   32:30
Yeah. Happy wedding planning. Everybody um hmm

Phillip Pasek (Wedding DJ):   32:33
Have a good one.  

Paulina Nicka (Wedding Coordinator):   32:33
Thank you thank you

Jose' Nix (Wedding DJ Specialist):   32:35
Thank you.  

Outro Bumper:   32:39
Thanks for listening to the Tampa Bay wedding podcast. I hope you really enjoy the information that we provided. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. You could send us an email to [email protected] That's info at S O U N D w a v e s p r o d J s dot com